Color in Ancient Greece

Ancient Greek sculptures were long revered for their simplicity. Gleaming white marble, unadorned, understated and classic.  But modern science has proven that the ancient Greek sculpture were (at least for many of us) less classy and more kitschy.It has been known since the end of the eighteen century that many ancient sculptures may have been painted, however in the last 15 years we have just started to understand to what degree. Using chemical analysis under ultraviolet light, researchers have been able to recreate what many well known sculptures looked liked over 2,000 years ago.

So we must assume that if artists were painting their sculptures in such brilliant color, the inhabitants of ancient Greece were not running around in white bed sheets. Tomorrow I will be posting a blog from our costume designer, Allen Stout, he will be explaining why he decided to not go with the traditional monochromatic Greek color scheme.

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